Posted On: Mar, 20 2023

Two Years of Dr. Samia in Office Marks Remarkable Strides in the Capital Market Frontiers

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Her Excellency Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of the United Republic of Tanzania has set legacy of exemplary performance in the capital market frontiers in her two years period in the office. Commenting on the significant performance attained, the Chief Executive Officer of the Capital Markets and Securities Authority (CMSA), Nicodemus Mkama highlights that, the notable achievements were a result of conducive policy, regulatory and operational environment provided and supported by the Sixth Phase Government under the noble leadership of Her Excellency Dr. Samia. Mr. Mkama also highlighted that, economic diplomacy and international relations being pursued by Her Excellency Samia have attracted more participation of local and foreign investors in Tanzanian capital markets, thus resulting into the following key achievements:

  • Total value of investment in the capital markets increased by 18.3 percent to reach TZS 35.3 trillion as at 28th February 2023 from TZS 29.9 trillion as at 28th February 2021;
  • Combined trading turnover of equities and bonds increased by 40.1 percent to TZS 6.4 trillion from TZS 4.6 trillion recorded in the corresponding previous period;
  • The trading turnover of Bonds also increased by 83.2 percent to TZS 6.1 trillion from TZS 3.4 trillion recorded in the corresponding previous period; and
  • Net Asset Value of Collective Investment Schemes increased by 155.28 percent to TZS 1.42 trillion from TZS 557.28 billion recorded in the corresponding previous period. Click Here To Read the Full Article