Vision and Mission


A professional independent regulator promoting capital and commodity markets development, financial literacy and investor protection.


To design and implement purposeful measures which will enable the creation and development of sustainable financial markets that are efficient, transparent and which will fuel economic growth.

Our Priorities:
  • Supervising and regulating the securities industry and commodities exchanges to ensure sustainable market transparency and integrity;
  • Better licensing and supervision of the market and market professionals;
  • Deepening of the market by integrating all sectors of the economy into the capital markets and operationalizing the commodity exchange;
  • Conducting capital markets and commodity exchanges awareness campaigns among investors, issuers, farmers, policy makers and the general public;
Core value

The CMSA staff being public servant shall always be guided by the following values:

  1. Integrity: All Employee should strive to be fair, honest and trustworthy in dealings
  2. Accountability: At all times, employee should be prepared to account for actions and omissions to stakeholders with a view to building public confidence
  3. Transparency: All employees should be open with stakeholders about practices, policies and information collected and analysed for decision making
  4. Efficiency: Services should be provided in an effective and efficient manner to avoid disruption
  5. Team Spirit: Employee should be imbued in team work spirit as an institution to ensure sustained service delivery
  6. Innovation: In achieving high productivity, profitability and total returns from public investments, employee should take a leading role
  7. Professionalism: Every employee should demonstrate a high level of Competence in service delivery and abide to codes of conduct and strive for professional development