PEP Programs

CMSA in collaboration with other stakeholders throughout the financial sector runs from time to time different capital markets awareness and investor education programmes on the roles, procedures, risks and benefits of participating in capital markets and commodities exchanges. Presentations are made to different groups including Policy Markers, Members of Parliament, Members of the House of Representatives (Zanzibar), academicians, and various professionals including Accountants, Lawyers, Journalists, Engineers, Academicians, Doctors, etc.

CMSA also conducts a Capital Markets Universities and Higher Learning Institutions Challenge (CMUHLIC), an annual competition that is open to students in universities and other higher learning institutions in Tanzania. The primary objective of the challenge is to increase financial inclusion and literacy for students in higher learning institutions by testing their knowledge and understanding on issues related to capital markets.

Furthermore, CMSA plans to introduce awareness program in secondary schools and to women groups as a way of preparing future leaders and investors on the opportunities and benefits of participating in the capital markets.

In addition, participation in crowd pulling events, exhibitions, preparation of television and radio programs targeting general public and organization of various seminars, workshops and office to office talks targeting specific user groups will remain among priority activities to enable CMSA attain the set target for increased capital markets inclusion under the national financial inclusion framework 2018 -2022.