CMSA is charged with the responsibility of developing and coordinating purposeful investor /public education programmes for specific user groups and general public. In that regard, CMSA implements various capital markets and commodities exchanges awareness programmes targeted at different audiences and delivered through various channels as among core activities of developmental role that enhances institutional profile, stimulates demand for securities and contributes to the national agenda of improved financial inclusion and economic development.

The implementation of the capital markets financial inclusion initiatives for the past years and under the National Financial Inclusion Framework (2014 – 2016) registered strides that improved the capital markets landscape in terms of products and number of investors irrespective of the fact that the uptake is still very low. As per the Finscope Survey 2017 the uptake in the securities industry is below 1.0 percent of the adult population surveyed which is a reflection of persistence of low awareness especially in non-urban areas.

To address the shortfall and as a strategy of implementing national initiatives under the National Financial Inclusion Framework 2018 - 2022 public education programme is a priority activity in the CMSA’s Strategic Plan 2018/19 – 2022/23. We target that 25 percent of eligible Tanzanian population will be capital markets-literate by the year 2025. This plan calls for a sustained and holistic educational and awareness approach to ensure that many citizens are aware of the opportunities offered by capital markets and commodity exchanges markets and can access these markets as investors, issuers of securities or market professionals.

In addition, the developmental, supervisory and regulatory functions which are necessary for instituting consumer protection mechanisms to a great extent are enshrined on the level of awareness of the investors, commodities producers (farmers), market players, other key stakeholders and the general public at large.